Graphic design can change your life

Erik Spiekermann talking about graphic design, more specifically, type.

I found myself very inspired by this video. I especially like the part where Erik talks about government using poor design (tax documents, etc.) to separate us from the government by making us stupid—”we don’t understand so we do what we’re told.” I think there is some serious truth in that.


7D 60p to 24p slow motion test

So I bought a 7D and a couple of lenses late last year to not only be able take great photos but also shoot some HD video. The 7D combined with some good lenses can make for some near cinema quality video. That being said, this video is neither “near cinema quality” nor decent story telling. It was, however, a simple test to see what is involved in shooting and conforming 60p video to 24p slow motion video. The lighting is terrible. The talent, while insanely cute, is not doing much. But it was fun. Mission accomplished.

Canon 7D
Canon EFS 17-55mm 2.8
Shot at 60p
Conformed with Cinema Tools to 24p (see Phillip Bloom’s post)
Edited in Final Cut
Color graded in After Effects

The Future for Web Design?

If you follow Smashing Magazine, as I do, then you are probably familiar with last week’s highly commented articles debating what the future might have in store for web designers.

For your reference:
Does The Future Of The Internet Have Room For Web Designers? (original article)
I Want To Be A Web Designer When I Grow Up (follow up article)

Cameron Chapman suggests that due to the recent surge of mobile apps and other content curators (Google, Twitter, Facebook) the future for web designers is glum and that demand for web designers will wane.

It is an interesting topic and I wanted to add to the discussion with some quick thoughts:

Cameron might have had better luck with a slightly modified title: “Does the Future of the Internet Have Room for Web Design?”

Consumers will go where the best experience is. Look at the movie industry. Consumers found a better experience watching movies at home on their large HD screes, Blue Ray players, and Dolby surround sound. Theaters fought back with 3D… and now with 3D tvs at home, the battle continues. If you want to attract consumers to your website, create a better experience.

Generally, a good designer transcends multiple mediums or will evolve as necessary. If you consider yourself solely a web designer the possibility does exist that demand for you will disappear (see: typesetting).

Google is smart

As I sit here watching the Djokovic/Federer US Open tennis match I was trying to remember how long the recent record breaking match (length of time) at Wimbledon was. I started my search query on Google with “longest” and Google suggested “longest tennis match” as the second suggestion.

I’m curious how that works. Is it based on other’s recent searches? Or is there some sort of a current events algorithm?

Anyway, I’m impressed.